Was intesting to look at technology convergence from another angle. It is so easy to look at it from the point of a consumer. But think about the component manufacturers. They have to be at least one step ahead.  CIE Components have an interenting interview with four industry experts in the multimedia sector to get [...]

Newspapers in permanent decline!

Not sure if you are like me.I get my news now through RSS feeds I want to get. Just the topics I'm interested in withh one general news feed to make sure I dont miss out on something that is current.This means that the daily newspaper is no longer delivered. That leads on to something [...]

Blog becomes film!

We've had a few blogs that been made in to books. Now we have one that is being made into a film. The Baghdad Blog, the daily dispatches penned by the Iraqi architect known as Salam Pax, is to be turned into a film. Powered by Qumana  

A dream come true! An editor is on the net, searching, has an idea for a book, needs an author ... and finds you!!!! Truely possible. Read about Andy Wibbels. Powered by Qumana  

We sometimes think million dollar ideas are the domain of the super talented. The Steve Jobs of this world inventor of iTunes.Well check out Jim Beyer!Here's just a part of the article! Inspirational eh!"Breyer's approach to managing change is to understand it through personal research and experience. He's a voracious consumer of movies and books. [...]

Good article about Amazon and Book Surge!Article here. Powered by Qumana

A Second Chance at Life

I've been playing World of Warcraft (for leisure) for pretty much for a year and a half now.My son Tom originally said to me "Dad you know in the old days how Dads & Sons used to go fishing and camping, well now they get a character on World of Warcraft and go out and [...]

The traditional path through traditional publishers to get your 'tome' published is becoming less and less a beaten track. Day by day stories emerge through the media and blogs of authors that have successfully self-published. In the coming weeks I will feature more and more of these stories as this trend aint stopping.A perfect example [...]

1998 all over again!

A while a go a good blogger Ed Dale posted a great article on the dot.com boom happening again. Business week now have an article that looks at what is happening in Silicon Vallley. Well worth reading! If you are building your own on-line business through Blogging or whatever it pays to reflect a bit [...]

Can TV's and PC's Live Together Happily Ever After? It looks like TV's and computer LCD's are getting closer and closer together. An article in the New York Times gave a good overview of where things were at. Original article here. http://www.nytimes.com/2006/05/14/business/yourmoney/14frenzy.html "Just in the last few weeks, for example, Warner Brothers announced it would [...]