“Blooks” — books based on blogs or Web sites — are a growth market for Lulu. On a recent list of the company’s 100 top-selling books, 20 were based on content first produced for the Web.Lulu played up its affinity with bloggers earlier this year by sponsoring the Blooker Prize, the first literary prize for [...]

David Warlick, an education consultant in North Raleigh, has published a book through a traditional publisher and published a book through Lulu.His royalties for the Lulu book, “Classroom Blogging: A Teacher’s Guide to the Blogosphere,” were 40 percent higher. In addition, the Lulu book sold more copies in its first year and Warlick liked having [...]

Faced with the closing of her publisher, Diane Lau (aka romance author Diana Laurence) chose to create her own publishing house for her existing and future book titles. The results were so successful, Lau decided to document the process and share it with other authors.Do-It-YourSelf-Publishing is available from Living Beyond Reality Press and online ebook [...]

Newspapers in permanent decline!

Not sure if you are like me.I get my news now through RSS feeds I want to get. Just the topics I’m interested in withh one general news feed to make sure I dont miss out on something that is current.This means that the daily newspaper is no longer delivered. That leads on to something [...]

Blog becomes film!

We’ve had a few blogs that been made in to books. Now we have one that is being made into a film. The Baghdad Blog, the daily dispatches penned by the Iraqi architect known as Salam Pax, is to be turned into a film. Powered by Qumana  

A Second Chance at Life

I’ve been playing World of Warcraft (for leisure) for pretty much for a year and a half now.My son Tom originally said to me “Dad you know in the old days how Dads & Sons used to go fishing and camping, well now they get a character on World of Warcraft and go out and [...]

Can TV’s and PC’s Live Together Happily Ever After? It looks like TV’s and computer LCD’s are getting closer and closer together. An article in the New York Times gave a good overview of where things were at. Original article here. “Just in the last few weeks, for example, Warner Brothers announced it would [...]

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