Ever thought about integrating offline goods, services and experiences into virtual worlds. As you often hear “There is a “whole new world out there” has never rung so true as this absolutely superb report from   What excellent research and so well presented. Here is just a couple of paragraphs which should entice you to [...]

Seems linking to the iTunes store is going to increase tremendously.Google links to iTunes are now able to top search terms.Only other person I found blogging about this was Theresa Valdez KleiniTunes comes up number one when Christine Aguilera’s number one song “Ain’t No Other Man” is entered into your Google Search bar.Here is the [...]

What a paradigm shift! We are all becoming authors. With every blog post, with every photo stream, with podcasts. “Many elements of society have come together at this time to make self publishing possible. Most people have home computers to write their books on, the industry has created high-speed digital printers and the Internet means [...]

“Wheatmark, Inc., an industry leading self-publishing service focused on helping authors “break through,” today announced that effective July 1, the company will double the royalty rate it pays authors on sales through its online storefront at From that date the company will pay its authors an unsurpassed 40% of receipts on book sales – [...]

We store our photos on .mac or Fickr. Our videos find their home on YouTube. Our blogs are stored on .mac, Blogger or a histed WordPress siteNow we can share our spreadsheets. Google.s new spreadsheet may be short on features but it is a pointer to the future. Read more here!Google Spreadsheets has better collaboration [...]

Thomas Little, a home-schooled, eight-year-old boy recently became a published author. He used Lulu (, a print-on-demand, self-publishing site, to publish “The Adventures of the Symbols,” his first–but not last–book. Characters such as “@,” “$,” and “%” engage in a classic struggle of good vs. evil. The 28-page story can be purchased at Eight-Year-Old [...]

Four new from Book Surge.In the book, Lam also describes the minimum spiritual criteria and the necessary steps one must take in order to pass the Final Judgment and be elected for the next stage of human evolution: the Wisdom Era. Filled with messages of hope, reconciliation, love, wisdom, peace, and redemption, The Last Salvation: [...]

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