The Road to HOS

I’ve been following a series of blog posts from Peter Burow.He has written a book called the Human Operating System and the series of blogs he has just finished on Patrons started in September 2006. His last post today ends a mammoth blogging fest with today’s posting “A Final Word on Patrons“His very first post [...]

The times are a changing

Good friend Brett Wheeler just highlighted something I ahve thought about for a long time. How come these old guys of the music industry are around long after the bands from the 80’s and 90’s are long since forgotten? Read here  

Was invited to speak at Brett McFall’s and Tom Hua’s “Dream Life” Seminar today Sunday in Melbourne Australia. These are the guys that spearhead the World Internet Seminar in Asia, Europe, America and Australia.It was a great day and all the attendees, by way of their admission price got the Master Reprint and Resale Rights [...]

Great marketing here! The comments about the book are good too! Download it free here and read it here!Blake Schwendiman’s Blog and Blook: The Agency Delta: Downloadable Blake has received numerous requests for a downloadable copy of The Agency Delta, so he has finally gotten to it. You can download, print (optional) and read the [...]

A sign of the times. Penguin dips it’s toe in the blogging pool. Liked their description of what the blog will be about. “an editor will post the latest news from the company: new acquisitions, sneak previews from works in progress of some of Penguin’s best-loved authors, industry gossip and advice on how to get [...]

Self-publishers mostly work in niches. But everyone hopes that their book breaks out of the niche and becomes a bit mainstream.Like the “Celestine Prophecy” did and “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and “Women are from Venus and Men from Mars”One in the spiritual niche, one in the creating wealth nich and the third title in the [...]

When NewsCorp bought MySpace for $580 million a year ago there were more than a few people that thought it was a bad buy. Well … now that MySpace has passed Yahoo! as the biggest website worldwide the pundits are beginning to think twice.According to the article linked below “MySpace is not going to be [...]

The New York Observer’s MondoWeiss: How the Internet Is Replacing the Book Self-publishing on the web, whether through blogs or by posting articles in web-journals, is rapidly eclipsing traditional academic venues in its ability to serve the public and popularize knowledge. For example, I have an impact on policy making in Washington and capitals across [...]

Self-publishing can extend to T-shirts as well. A Australian badn has handed its merchandise distributon  over to Cafe Press.Signal Room Reaches Out – Australian Rock Band Uses to Reach International Fan Base Signal Room, the Australian rock band born on the set of cult science-fiction TV hit Farscape, recently embraced as the way [...]

It’s always good to read press releases from publishers that are there to help new authors. Well done Long Dash.North Jersey Media Group providing local news, sports & classifieds for Northern New Jersey! We’re a small publishing company that specializes in print-on-demand and supported self-publishing. We help authors publish their books — memoirs, novels, non-fiction, [...]

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