When break ups occur most women have some remnants of the relationship hanging around. Could be earrings, necklaces, rings or other jewelry given to them by an ex-boyfriend. Although these gifts were once treasured as objects of love once, the items become an irritating post-breakupreminder of a relationship gone bad. Fortunately, a new site offers [...]

Seven Trends That Are Warnings for Publishing Houses and Why Everyone will be an Author and Publisher in the Futureor …How We All Can Be Authors and Publishers!The Internet is rapidly changing the way your customers work and play. The Internet is also enabling anyone with a story or specialty niche to become both an [...]

There is a wealth of Internet Marketing Self Study Courses around but here is a great set at a good price for anyone wanting to get into Internet Marketing.Eight packed DVD’s AND 2 CD’S from Internet Guru’s that are earning big money from the Internet now. Each one has a different approach and at least [...]


Spotted this great post on Shane Ellis’s blog….“WE ARE WHAT WE REPEATEDLY DO; EXCELLENCE, THEN, IS NOT AN ACT BUT A HABIT.”                                                                               ARISTOTLE

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