Good article in StartUpSmart  … ASX won’t be launching a start-up platform, but do start-ups care? For early stage investment and growing startups the gap from their first raises to a listing is a long journey and there will probably be Angel and VC rounds before then. For companies starting their raises on ASSOB the next [...]

This week I found myself in Amsterdam at this event. It was a International Business Angels Event and I was honoured to be one of the invited Guest Speakers. What was very refreshing was that there was an incredible depth of knowledge about Crowdfunding and the audience was yearning to know more about how a large [...]

Friday morning there were around 100 investors that fronted up for the ASSOB Breakfast Pitch Event in Melbourne to listen to nine  companies that were raising capital. There are still two events left in the series. One in Brisbane. One in Sydney. There is a good article about the event in the Business Spectator. Thanks to Bob Gottliebsen. The main message was that [...]

This week I shared the stage with the Green Leader Bob Brown at the 10th Australian Sustainability Awards. Ethical Investment was why everyone was there apart from the excellent menu which featured organically grown fare. Paddy Manning a journalist with the Sydney Morning Herald reported well on it, picking up on my phrase “It takes passion [...]

Was “Australia Day” here yesterday and I got thinking about how so many ventures are dependant upon funding from friends, family and fans to get to the next level. Many people say friends, family and fools. Which got me thinking. How can someone with a business opportunity needing early stage funding from private equity or [...]

Gold Coast Disc Copy, am Australian CD and DVD Duplication business has added another service to what they offer their clients. If you have your seminar on DVD why not lift the audio tracks from the DVD’s and either include the audio MP3’s as a bonus or sell them or  stream them. They can just [...]

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