“Wheatmark, Inc., an industry leading self-publishing service focused on helping authors “break through,” today announced that effective July 1, the company will double the royalty rate it pays authors on sales through its online storefront at From that date the company will pay its authors an unsurpassed 40% of receipts on book sales – [...]

A new website from igi publishing makes it easy for authors to get published.They also have some helpful hints. One of them about file preparation follows .. “It’s the critical moment in every publishing project: Hitting that big “Send File” button (metaphorically, of course). That moment signals the official transfer of your beloved project from [...]

Four new from Book Surge.In the book, Lam also describes the minimum spiritual criteria and the necessary steps one must take in order to pass the Final Judgment and be elected for the next stage of human evolution: the Wisdom Era. Filled with messages of hope, reconciliation, love, wisdom, peace, and redemption, The Last Salvation: [...]

Open Source Journalism

Clyde Bentley,is an innovator and evangelist for what is often called citizen journalism. Some prefer the term “participatory journalism,” “open source journalism” or even just plain “journalism.” No matter what you call it, in practice it involves people of all ages and interests collecting, writing and publishing news, usually online, by and for themselves. He [...]

David Warlick, an education consultant in North Raleigh, has published a book through a traditional publisher and published a book through Lulu.His royalties for the Lulu book, “Classroom Blogging: A Teacher’s Guide to the Blogosphere,” were 40 percent higher. In addition, the Lulu book sold more copies in its first year and Warlick liked having [...]

Joanna Lopianowski-Roberts has already sold 100 books.Maybe she has not fully recovered money to compensate for the 700 hours she took to create a book on how she created a cross-stitch version of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel ceiling.But she is published and thrilled about that.The link above takes you straight to her $70 book!Once again it [...]

Faced with the closing of her publisher, Diane Lau (aka romance author Diana Laurence) chose to create her own publishing house for her existing and future book titles. The results were so successful, Lau decided to document the process and share it with other authors.Do-It-YourSelf-Publishing is available from Living Beyond Reality Press and online ebook [...]

Karen Magill’s book “The Bond, A Paranormal Love Story” is featured in an interciew in American Chronicle and it also includes a section on her road to Self-Publishing. Here’s just part of the interview. “KM: I have learned that there is a lot more work to self-publishing than I first realized; but it is also [...]

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