Self-publishers mostly work in niches. But everyone hopes that their book breaks out of the niche and becomes a bit mainstream.Like the “Celestine Prophecy” did and “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and “Women are from Venus and Men from Mars”One in the spiritual niche, one in the creating wealth nich and the third title in the [...]

Here is another example of a Self-publishing success with MySpace.TIME Europe Magazine: Jul. 31, 2006 — Reasons to Be Cheerful – 1 A handful of free tracks posted on Allen’s page on virtual community MySpace has garnered almost 3 million listens. “Obviously I’m really grateful for MySpace and what it’s done for me,” says Allen, [...]

Chris Anderson’s “The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More” is a new book from the editor in chief of Wired magazine. It reinforces many of the views that have populated this blog over the past few months. There is money to be made in millions of niches world wide. [...]

Reading this article on Virtual Business one wonders if the age old “penname” may eventually morph in to an Avatar. Maybe all of us will have a virtual presence that is an Avatar!Marketing to us will depend on which particular space we are in at the time.Virtual Business » Blog Archive » Marketing to Avatars

It’s so easy to get locked in to your own type of publishing. In my case it is book publishing having been a regular at the Frankfurt and Chicago Book Show for a number of years. It’s refreshing to see another publishing genre written about.This time it is comics.Webcomics online extra

It’s always good to read press releases from publishers that are there to help new authors. Well done Long Dash.North Jersey Media Group providing local news, sports & classifieds for Northern New Jersey! We’re a small publishing company that specializes in print-on-demand and supported self-publishing. We help authors publish their books — memoirs, novels, non-fiction, [...]

What a paradigm shift! We are all becoming authors. With every blog post, with every photo stream, with podcasts. “Many elements of society have come together at this time to make self publishing possible. Most people have home computers to write their books on, the industry has created high-speed digital printers and the Internet means [...]

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