Paul is a sought after equity crowdfunding speaker who talks regularly at conferences in Australia and internationally.

His crowdfunding and equity crowdfunding speeches are lively, visually engaging and practical.

If you want an crowdfunding and equity crowdfunding speaker who has actually done it rather than just talked about it, book Paul for your next conference. 

Paul’s Equity Crowdfunding Speaking Topics


1) Crowdfunding in 2020

Looking 6 years into the future, what can we expect crowdfunding to be in 2020. Paul Niederer covers 22 futures that are applicable to crowdfunding.

2) Executive and Management Briefing on Crowdfunding

An overview fo crowdfunding now and in the future is presented followed by a wiring session where various scenarios are discussed where the organisation can embrace and profit from being involved in crowdfunding.

3) Crowdfunding: Set, Ready, Go!

Using a string of case studies Paul Niederer recounts the lessons learned by over 170 businesses that have successfully equity or investor crowdfunded between $50k to $3.5 million to grow their businesses. He outlines his “Funding Magnet” approach to equity crowdfunding that can easily be adapted to any crowdfunding endeavour.

4) “The Democratization of Capital. Why it is happening now and how to handle it” 

The rapidly growing movement for the democratization of capital formation hopes to level the field for both investors and entrepreneurs while increasing engagement, equality and participation for all stakeholders. Crowdfunding is an integral part of this and in his presentation, Paul Niederer tracks the Democratisation of capital from the middle ages to today and the future and its impact on individuals and society.

5) “Investor Crowdfunding: How to run and manage your own  platform compliantly and successfully”

Five years experience running an investor crowdfunding platform are rolled into a one or two our presentation. There is a wealth of examples as to how to manage the process and problems these type of platforms experience as well as the steps that should be taking to ensure they maintain complaince.

6) “Cofunding: How to use Crowdfunding to fund projects with government, commercial and social entrepreneurs”

Great ideas often need an implementation platform. In this engaging and interactive presentation Paul provides a solution for cofunding by several stakeholders in projects that make a difference.

Paul’s Crowdfunding Workshop Topics


1) Crowdfunding Course for Executives and Management

Module One: Crowdfunding an Introduction

  • Financing a startup or small business
  • The funding ladder
  • Crowdfunding its evolution and future
  • Rise of the crowd
  • The Crowd and Fraud
  • Decline of established financing

Module Two: Crowdfunding Structures and Campaigns

  • Types of Crowdfunding
  • Instant gratification and hope
  • Equity Crowdfunding’s journey
  • The ASSOB platform
  • Infrastructure and Ecosystem
  • Company structures for raising capital
  • Platform types and examples
  • Intermediaries and Gatekeepers
  • Commercial world applications
  • Creative world applications
  • Applications for charities
  • Applications for community groups

Module Three: Before the raise

  • Feasibility and Goalsetting
  • Picturing and Building your crowd
  • Story, Team, Followers
  • Creating an effective pitch
  • Video
  • Working with a platform
  • Making your pitch and working with your investors

Module Four: During the raise

  • Campaign Launch
  • Monitoring statistics
  • Using Social Media for crowdfunding and business
  • Public relations
  • Keeping momentum

Module Five: After the raise

  • Keeping Backers and Investors happy
  • Delivering promises

Module Six: Integrating Crowdfunding into an organisation

  • Marketing with Crowdfunding
  • Using external platforms
  • Running your own platform

2) Crowdfunding for Non-Profits / Not for Profits

This half-day or full-day training covers the essential stages of a crowdfunding raise for a Non-Profit or Not for Profits organisation.

Before the raise

  • Choosing the crowdfunding model that works
  • Creating a compelling raise story / description
  • Selecting or creating a crowdfunding platform
  • Building the fundraising team
  • Aligning Amplifiers (Ambassadors and Influencers)
  • Building an audience

During the raise

  • Soft launch
  • Sharing your story
  • Attracting existing and new followers
  • Engaging followers
  • Handling the money side
  • Maintaining momentum
  • Final Push

After the raise

  • Thank you process


Why Paul Niederer


1. He doesn’t just talk about it, he’s done it.

Paul is not just a professional speaker, he’s worked hands on in the investor crowdfunding area for the past five years.  His speeches therefore aren’t just entertaining they’re full of practical, real world tips and examples you can use to more successfully raise funds or run funding operations.

2. He customises each speech

Paul listens to you, studies your requirements then customises his speech to fit your situation. You get a speech that’s not just motivating, it’s exactly what the message you want imparted to your audience. By carefully sculpting his speech to your organisation’s particular needs, he ensures his time on stage makes a tangible and lasting impact to your organisation.

3. He attracts extra delegates

Paul is known as a pioneer in the investor crowdfunding space worldwide. His high profile helps ensure your conference is highly anticipated and well attended.

4. He’s exciting, entertaining and memorable

There’s two things a great keynote speaker must do: 1. Be entertaining 2. Give practical, useful information. Paul’s specially tailored speeches ensure your delegates leave the event inspired and ready to act in new more effective ways. He blends practical tips with fascinating stories to deliver a speech that’s memorable, enjoyable and useful.

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